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6 Days: Feed To Seed

Rising land prices, land shortages, and unpredictable weather conditions with too much or too little rain cause lower yields and higher feed costs.

Hydroponics is a controlled method of growing plants without soil. Hydrogreen is an auto-watered system that grows live green feed from seed in 6 days, 365 days a year.

With the push of a button, the system seeds, waters, lights, monitors, harvests and then runs a post-harvest cleanup.


Feed Composition

Sprouting grains causes increased activities of hydrolytic enzymes, which improves the amount of total protein, fat, certain essential amino acids, total sugars, B-group vitamins, and also results in a decrease in dry matter, starch, and anti-nutrients.

Increased enzyme activity in hydroponic feed is between germination and 7 days. The protein content of hydroponically grown grain increases from time of germination and when seeds sprout, minerals bind with protein, which increases their function.

The high digestibility of Hydrogreen feed means that the animal consumes less dry matter to produce the same results, which is means higher feed efficiency.

How To Feed

How To Feed

Live green feed produced from the Hydrogreen system can replace forage, grains or a combination of grain and forage in your livestock’s ration.

Replacing Forage

In order to effectively replace forage with green feed, you need to supplement additional fiber in the ration, typically in the form of chopped straw, which is cost effective. Ensure the straw is either fine or chopped. This combination will typically increase the digestibility, sugar, and moisture content of your ration. Be sure to consult with your nutritionist.

Replacing Grain

Live green feed can replace grain in your ration on an equivalent DM basis. A limitation will be total moisture of your ration. Farmers feeding Hydrogreen live green feed will typically produce forages containing higher DM content. Replacing grain will reduce starch content and increase sugar content of the ration. Be sure to consult your nutritionist.

Automation & Grow Systems

Automation & Grow Systems

Hydrogreen is the leader in commercial scale hydroponic growing systems for production of sustainable live green feed that can be utilized by livestock.

Multiple systems can be combined for large herds in the same building. Optimizing your building space reduces startup and operational costs. Grow system accessories, such as augers and conveyors are designed to work with multiple systems.

Larger systems have lower per ton cost than smaller systems because of economics of scale.

Why Choose HydroGreen

Why Choose HydroGreen

HydroGreen starts with the idea that livestock raised on a diet of live, green, grass can revolutionize agriculture.

With minimal water and power, HydroGreen grows small grains from seed to feed in just six days. It provides a nutritious, reliable feed source regardless of weather or market conditions.

Expandable from hobby farms to large livestock operations, it all starts with seed, a little water and a HydroGreen Grow system. It makes harvesting live, green, feed daily, both possible and profitable.


HydroGreen feed is grown with only seed, water, and light in an environmentally controlled building. No chemicals like herbicides, pesticides, or fertilizers are used. If grown with organic seed the feed may potentially be classified as organic.


A HydroGreen system delivers consistent feed. With all of the inputs to the growing process being constant, the end result is also constant. There is no need to periodically test HydroGreen feed to re-balance your ration.

Weather Independence

HydroGreen is grown in a climate controlled building allowing the feed to grow independent of all external weather conditions. Too cold or hot, too wet or dry, have no impact on growing HydroGreen Feed. Draughts and the related high feed costs are no longer an issue with HydroGreen system.

HydroGreen Research And Testing

The HydroGreen Research Farm grows and feeds various seed combinations to determine the optimal feed for all breeds of livestock. We are always looking for ways to improve on animal feed and passing that information along to our customers to enhance livestock feed.

Grow Your Operation

Interested in expanding your operation? Want to feed more livestock to allow a family member to return to the farm? With HydroGreen it can be as simple as adding another system or expanding your existing system. Without purchasing expensive land, farm equipment, chemicals, fertilizer and fuel.


The bottom line is, a HydroGreen Grow system reduces your feeding costs, reduces your operating costs and easily allows for operation growth. The investment in a HydroGreen Grow System(s) and the environmentally controlled building to house the unit(s) has a relatively short payback.


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Hydrogreen FAQs

  • What does the system cost? Based on a 6-section system, stainless is ~$25,000/section. Powder coated ~$20,000/section.
  • What kind of seed do you use? Barley or Wheat. Needs to have germination over 95%.
  • What does the system produce from how much seed? Depending on seeding depth. A 6-section system can produce at least 2500lbs feed per day equal to more than 15 acres production.
  • What is the nutrient composition of the feed? 22% DM, 18% CP, 15% NDF, 60% NFC.
  • How do you use in a ration? You can replace forage and/or grain in your ration. If replacing forage, you will likely need to supplement with ground straw for fiber.
  • How much water does the system consume? Takes 1200 gallons per ton of feed.
  • What are the climate control specs? 70 degrees and 70% humidity.
  • How the feed compares cost-wise to alfalfa? Less cost (direct costs only) and more nutrition value.
  • Is the feed considering a grass or sprouted grain? According to the pending dairy grass-fed standards, Hydrogreen is considered feeding grass.
  • What is the Return on Investment (ROI)? This really depends on the situation and what you the status quo is and to what your options are, such as purchasing feed or land to increase you farm’s feed consumption.

About HydroGreen CanWest

HydroGreen Canwest is the exclusive distributor of the Hydrogreen system in Western Canada.

We provide dairy and beef farmers with the on-farm automated system to produce fresh grass that is consistent, high-quality and cost-effective. Our team has over 20 years of experience in agri-business and is dedicated to providing the best service and product knowledge for this revolutionary turn-key system.